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Kell Palguta For Prescott Valley Mayor

Learn a little about Kell Palguta

Welcome to my Kell Palguta for Prescott Valley Mayor website. I welcome you to look around my site and learn a little something about my experience, education, and professional background that qualifies me to be your next Mayor. At any point please feel free to reach out and email me at Support@KellPalguta4Mayor.com with any questions, comments or issues you would like to see addressed. My goal is to be a voice for each and everyone of you and although it impossible to agree and make everyone happy at all times I promise your voice and concerns will be heard.

I believe that the Mayor of Prescott Valley should be an extension of the community members and a liaison between Town Officials hired to do a job and the citizens who have chosen this great town to live in.

For those of you on Facebook please search for Kell Palguta For Mayor and go “Like” my page. Also if you would like to know how you can help out please go to the Get Involved tab on the side of the page for information

I believe in Public Service, Volunteering and Helping to Build a Stronger Community through Transparancy, Hard Work and Fiscal Ownership. Whether serving and retiring as a Prescott Valley Police Officer or Volunteering as the Prescott Valley Little League President I am committed to working hard to ensure that our community is stronger and has a brighter future for years to come.

My experience working as a Prescott Valley Police Officer, Volunteering as the Prescott Valley Little League President, Teaching at Yavapai College as well as being a Professional Real Estate Agent I am well aware of the time, commitment and dedication necessary to be successful in the role of Mayor of Prescott Valley. Having that experience of being an educator/teacher at the College Level , working with the community directly as a Police Officer in an attempt solve problems and better our community as well as volunteering with Little League I am confident I have honed the skills necessary to represent the Town of Prescott Valley in a positive light.

As a public servant I was able to earn my Bachelors degree from Northern Arizona University in Psychology as well as a Masters Degree from New Mexico State University in Criminal Justice Administration. This formal education coupled with actual real life work experience interacting with the citizens of Prescott Valley everyday has prepared me to be a voice and an extension of the community. This combination of education and experience is imperative in having the best formula necessary to be successful.

Having the experience of living, working, and volunteering in Prescott Valley for over 20 years I have also had the opportunity to develop relationships with neighboring communities administrators and business leaders. These relationships will be vital in continuing to elevate the Town of Prescott Valley to new levels and reach great achievements.

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