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“La Guingette” at The Barley Hound, a fun event!


The perfect venue in Prescott for such a fun event as "La GuinguetteNight"!

Ticket price includes one glass of french wine and amazing performances by artists detailed below!

@The Barley Hound! Wednesday, August 29th, save your date!

#VoilaTour2018 new kind of event "La Guinguette" will unite all kind of people around French music, dancing on songs by Belen (Edith Piaf and Brigitte Bardot covers, own entertaining songs...), AccordeonistChristophe Oury, Singer Frankeur (own songs and French classics songs covers), CadiJo (GypsyJazz) french wine, beers...

Drink Pastis and dance with the French! Have tattoo draws designed by Tessa E., enjoy live art and more!

Be in Marseille, Provence, by the sea, or in Paris by the Seine River, with your Canotier (straw boater hat), feel the mood of an old popular French tradition, dance the Java, right here on Cortez!


Wanna feel in Paris?

Belen "La Parisienne" Ferris

Belen will impress you at first glance by her elegance

but very quickly you will be charmed

by her ability not to take herself too seriously!

She exhudes a mixture of sensuality and cheekiness,

reminiscent of Parisian cabarets

and of the atmosphere of French sidewalk cafés.

Whether she sings her own songs or classics Edith Piaf or Brigitte Bardot, you will be conquered.

Belen Ferris Pop-Mood singer From Paris begun to sing as à chorist in différent groups....in Paris....and then, she realised that her love for French words and expressions pushed her to write songs and sing them.....Fahionista, she likes To get dress in the mood of her songs ....She loves to be on Stage and make à connection with the public, share her music with them.... she's also a broadcaster TV entertainer ....and a French Cabaret ShowGirl......Actress in a parisien Agency she acted twice in a Famous French tv series...Belen will co-MC some of the Voila Tour events as she speaks a good English!

Belen represents France for Voila Tour in Arizona (2017 & 2018)

Manu pribys

Manu will sing covers of famous French singers such as Charles Aznavour. His goal? make you sing in French with him!

He wrote The History of Rock in 1993 and then performed in Parisian cabarets. He collaborates with organist Stéfan Patry in the writing of the musical John

In 2003, he wrote the lyrics of the song Si sung by Bonnie Tyler and Kareen Antonn, and composed the song of the Swiss Telethon in 2005.

Christophe Oury

Oury has performed in most European countries with different formations of multiple influences (tango, jazz, songs, music from Eastern Europe ...).

Musician and educated pedagogue, he holds a classic accordion master. He also formed at the center of musical improvisation in Strasbourg, France.

Christophe is one of the most recognized classic French accordion player.


William Frankeur is a Parisian singer, with an amazing voice, such a generous personality, a talented song writter and original or cover singer in French and English.

At "la Guinguette", Frankeur will perform duets with Belen, a must see!

"Wild bill" will win your hearts and rock your mind! No boudt about it!

He is one of the Voila Tour 2018 discovery...


A magic trip to South of France!

CadiJo lives in Bordeaux.

He is a singer and an exceptional harmonica player.

His work has been recognized

by an Award

at the Harmonica World Hohner’s Trophy.

This multi-faceted artist moves easily

from the Blues to the Gypsy Jazz,

passing through the French standards.

You will really enjoy his own poetic compositions

...and his touch of humor!

His personality, talent and wide repertory

create a real spark with the audience…

Songwriter, composer and singer, CadiJo discovered the harmonica through Neil Young (Harvest) and blues thanks to Sonny Terry

He started out as an accompanist to the English bluesman Chris Shaw (singer-guitarist), and rapidly moved on to become a singer-harmonica player, backed by his brother Michel on the guitar – a big admirer of Gary Davis, Mance Lipscomb, Doc Watson and Ry Cooder – and Michel Foizon (Blues and trouble), a specialist of "finger picking", ragtime and jazz. A CD of acoustic blues entitled Le Troisième Homme was recorded with Michel Foiz.

The friendship, advice and encouragement of Mox Gowland motivated CadiJo to commit himself wholeheartedly to blues.

His solo performance at the Trophée Honner 88, Homage to Sonny Terry caught the attention of Toots Thielemans, who awarded him 1 st prize on the set of the International Festival of Living Music, just before the concert given by Sammy Price and Jay McShann.

Next, CadiJo flew to Canada where he accompanied the Chicago pianist Johnny "Big Moose" Walker, got into the Toronto blues scene, played with Buzz Upshaw and met Albert Collins and Jeff Healey.

His repertoire developed and changed to become richer: drums, bass, guitar, sometimes piano and trumpet. Two CDs were recorded: Rester Tranquille and Blues au Comptoir, both praised by the specialist press. The magazine Soulbag rated both of them as the best European Blues CD. With the popularity of sideman, Cadi Jo accompanied the famous Memphis Blues artist Keith B. Brown (the star of Wim Wenders’ film The Soul of a Man) around Europe, winning the praise of David Evans, the internationally-renowned musicologist, for the quality of his harmonica play.

His ability to adapt to a variety of formulas and his special sensitivity make CadiJo a remarkable artist on the Blues circuit in France.

CadiJo developed a show based on French songs (classics and own) called "les chansons de pierrot", that gives the audience the feeling to be in

cobblestone street café in a village of France..