• San Martin Rodriguez

Festival Of Trees Makes a Difference

A Three Day Event!!!!

The Quad Cities Festival of Trees will delight with our Winter Wonderland of 22 Trees decorated by our Local Businesses. Attend: Jingle Mingle on Friday (tickets $30 in advance $40 at the door) Festival of Trees General Admission $5 Adults $3 kids Sat Santa's Block Party~Crafts, Santa Photo Station and more Sun Senior Stroll and Finale Participate in the Auction to Buy your fully decorated tree and support KindDefined.org A small act of kindness can make a world of difference


Our mission is to create kindness ambassadors who will make acts of kindness a regular part of their lives and will inspire others to do the same. We belive by doing this we will accomplish the following…

  • A culture of caring among the youth.

  • Environments where bullying is looked down on and stopped.

  • Less competitive and more cooperative social interactions.

  • Educational platforms that recognize selflessness.

These may seem like lofty goals, but we have all experienced an act of kindness that has changed our mood, our day, or even our lives. We aim to make these acts of kindness more common through education.