Four Peaks Brewing Co. Concert Series

March 27, 2018

Enjoy rock steady music and mellow vibes at this year's free Four Peaks Brewing Co. Concert Series at the Whiskey Off-Road. 

Saturday, April 28th
Whiskey Shivers - 7pm
Banditos - 5pm
Vacation Day - 2pm
The Cross-eyed Possum - 12:30pm
Sugar & the Mint - 11am

Headlining band, Whiskey Shivers, take the stage at 7pm. Whiskey Shivers have made a name for themselves with a genre-pushing sound that theWashington Post called "apocalyptic Americana" and NPR described as "frenetic bluegrass" with a "punk spirit”. 

Coming directly from the World Famous Stagecoach Festival the day before and opening up for the Whiskey Shivers at 5p on Saturday are Nashville band, Banditos. From backwoods bluegrass, to slinky nods to Muscle Shoals soul and unexpected bits of doo-wop sweetness, the Banditos recall many, but sound like no one but themselves. 

Starting the day off at 11a is Sugar & the Mint, performing popular hits that defined generations. Returning for a fourth year at 12:30p is The Cross-eyed Possum, a local Prescott band consisting of three highly talented teenagers. At 2p Vacation Day takes the stage, with a musical style that infuses rock, R&B, funk and blues with a jam band feel.



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